How to Schedule messages with GBWhatsApp

How to Schedule your whatsapp messages:None of us can deny the fact that whatsapp is one of the best messaging system around and 99% of us have it if we own and android or an ios device and even pc users use whatsapp using the so called popular emulators which emulate the android os on their computers. All the different types of features and conveniences like sending audio, video, application, document files are made possible by this application which facebook now owns.

Let us discuss the text features of our application now. You can now easily schedule the messages you want to send. Once you set it up on your Android device, it will automatically be sent to the desired person once triggered.

In order to automatically send the whatsapp messages:

In this text, you will understand the process by which you can schedule messages on your devices on the run. But , this is just the beginning, Let us actually explore the step by step procedure

Be patient for some time because you will be knowing the secret formula in this information(jk). Whatsapp is proven to be an application which is friendly with the users.

We all know it is difficult for us to message someone at the right time and sometimes

Android devices are the best devices you can use to take charge of those options. The only thing is you have to meet some specifics in order to reach that point. The only problem is you can install separate apps like Whatsapp Schedule App using root. Another optimal solution is you can do it without rooting your device. You can also use automatic scheduler app named SQEDit but the best option here is to use gbwhatsapp which is the modified version of whatsapp and has all the features the original whatsapp includes so that you can enjoy those benefits as well as the new features it provides along with it and believe me that there are a ton of them and are never ending and still being updated.

Yes, GBWhatsapp includes a lot of features. The difference between the abilities of the original whatsapp and the modded one is massive and anyone can clearly use them with ease.

You can easily follow our guide to complete the steps needed in order to schedule your messages without root

How to Download GBWhatsApp on Android

Step 1 is to download the latest GBWhatsapp apk on your mobile device

Step 2 is to download the modified apk file of GBWhatsapp from a trusted source which ensures that it is a secure version.

Step 3 is to make sure your unknown sources is enabled and to enable it in case it’s not and the proceed with the installation of the downloaded mod apk file

Step 4 is to set up the authentication using the one time password by inputting the required private information. Make sure you restore your backup messages.

Step 5 is lto click on the 3 dot menu on the top right corner of GBWhatsapp screen and open the scheduler settings

Step 6 is to Tap the plus icon and select the recipient

Step 7 is to fill the text and the schedule details

Step 8 is pretty to tap the schedule button and you will be done for the time being

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